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Gilbert Business Spotlight: Salad and Go

Gilbert Business Spotlight: Salad and Go

| by Noah Hunt | Posted in Gilbert Business, Gilbert News
Photos taken by Cameron Moraga, Gilbert Daily PRSS.

Since opening for business two years ago, Salad and Go has been a hit among Gilbert residents for its speedy and unique approach to providing nutritional food. Salad and Go’s idea of healthy drive-thru food appeals to those already inclined to eat healthy by making their food at the speed of a fast food restaurant, and to those looking to improve their diets by having more options for healthy dining. Destroying the stigma of healthy food not being as tasty as less nutritional alternatives, Salad and Go is a dining experience unique to Gilbert and one we should certainly be proud of.

“Salad and Go’s mission is to make drive-thru fast food better and healthier, starting with Gilbert.” Explained Roushan Christofellis, the owner of Salad and Go. “The main reasons consumers choose drive-thru fast food is for convenience and affordability. We believe that if we can provide a true alternative to drive-thru fast food, we can ultimately change the health of America.”

Operating quickly doesn’t mean a decline in quality when it comes to Salad and Go. They use only the freshest of ingredients, often purchased from local farmers, and prepare all of their food in house, on the day that it’s ordered. Many people assume that healthy eating means nothing but vegetables, but Salad and Go provides the option to add various meats to any of their salads and wraps, allowing customers to tailor their meal to suit their tastes and diet.

Salad and Go is passionate about improving the lives of everyone in their community through healthy eating. The idea for this extraordinary business came from Roushan Christofellis and her husband Tony’s firsthand experience of having to watch her loved ones suffer from heart disease. They both decided to take control of their health now as opposed to waiting until it was too late, and decided to change their diets to be more healthy along with active lifestyles. After discovering just how difficult it was to incorporate tasty healthy eating into their busy schedules, the Christofellis’ decided to take matters into their own hands and revolutionize the concept of healthy eating.

By providing great service and improving the health of the citizens of Gilbert, Salad and Go has become warmly embraced by our community. As explained by Roushan Christofellis:

“Gilbert is the perfect home for Salad and Go for many reasons. The founding members of Salad and Go all reside in Gilbert and knew that this community would embrace our new concept. With Gilbert’s farming roots and continued appreciation for local, fresh produce we had confidence that there was a need and want for a menu focused on salads. This community is also extremely supportive of small businesses. We were very fortunate to have the incredible support from the Small Business Alliance, Mayor John Lewis, and the Town of Gilbert. Ever since opening day, the community has rallied around the concept, supported us through growing pains and inspired us to be better every day. If it wasn’t for the support we have received, we would not have been able to grow like we have and prove that great tasting, good-for-you food can come through a drive-thru.”

Although Gilbert will always be the home of Salad and Go, it’s really just the first step in their mission to improve the eating habits of America as a whole. As a result, Salad and Go is constantly looking for ways to expand and better the community. Just this year their starting their Even Better and Even Healthier Initiative, which means that Salad and Go is aiming to improve both the flavor and the nutritional value beyond the great quality that it already is. Salad and Go is also branching out of Gilbert this year, with two locations opening in Mesa, one in Phoenix, and one more that is yet to be announced.

If you haven’t already, visit Salad and Go at any of their three Gilbert locations and enjoy their gourmet healthy food in a fraction of the time you’d get elsewhere. Their top quality fresh food will invigorate your interest in healthy eating and ensure that Salad and Go becomes a staple in your Gilbert dining experience.                

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